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SNS Fashion Ltd, established in 1998 is a symbol of trust for providing high quality fabrics with better ecology & cost efficiency. SNS Fashion Ltd., is a part of Aquatexinternational Ltd., We are one stop solution for any kind of fabric qualities committing to provide service to each and every client of ours. Fulfilling every customer request adhering to timeline and minimal quality variation. We are one stop solution for Global sourcing.

We are stepping towards becoming the one stop solution for Global sourcing (China, India, Vietnam & Indonesia)

Our joint venture mill has the world class in-house facilities from Yarn dyeing to Finishing (Equipped with advanced chemical & mechanical finishes) having monthly capacity of 2.5 Million Yards for yarn dyed cotton , also has the lab equipped for testing all the physical as well as chemical properties .And being a convertor, we also work with multiplemills for solid dyed, linen, synthetics & poly blends, heavy weight bottom fabric etc.., We provide one stop solution to our clients by offering various range of woven fabrics starting .

Facilities & Quality Deliverance

Our highly experienced production planning & controlling technicians ensure perfect delivery & consistencyfor each and every production runs. There is a dedicated quality control department headed by a team of highly experienced professionals. Each & every shipment is inspected carefully by our QC experts prior to our client’s inspection. Quality inspection services are performed on requested quality standards.Our quality assurance personnel are stationed at the manufacturing sites, performing inspection at different stages of production process, ensuring the machinery are geared to run on required standards.

SNS Fashion Journey

Established financial and production control office in Taipei
Established production control and marketing office in Shanghai, China

Joint Venture with yarn dyed manufacturer.

SNS office color examination room set up accredited by Gap Inc & Kohl’s brands
Established SNS Testing laboratory

SNS Testing lab accredited by the brands GAP, KOHLS, Eddie Bauer & Board Riders

Established office in India

Established SNS office in Vietnam Operations


Established SNS Indonesia Operations


To become recognized as the most fashion oriented in the industry


Committed to provide industrial leading performance, efficiency and services to each and every client


Fulfilling customer’s requests within timeline and delivering with minimal quality variation


Think independently, Act independently and work professionally

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